We help businesses go the distance.

Find out how we help you grow with our restaurant   management software

At WITMEG, we’re a UK-based team that specialises in restaurant management software for restaurants of all sizes.

Our systems and support empower companies to compete with industry leaders who have bigger budgets and far more resources.

We help you streamline operational management and make running your business a more data-driven process with solutions that provide you with cutting-edge business analytics, enterprise resource planning support and state-of-the-art e-commerce features.

We believe that as a business owner, you should be free from the burden of day-to-day tasks and be able to dream big and guide your restaurant towards its true potential.

Ultimately, this is what we do: Automate and centralise the nitty-gritty of business management and leave you free to pursue greatness.

Our approach

At WITMEG, we love simplicity and don’t believe in overcomplicating anything. Our platforms are highly customisable and are very easy to become familiar with.

If your business operations seem complicated, our software can help you simplify it—we cover everything from ERP to analytics monitoring and more.

Our goal is not to tell restaurant owners how to run their restaurants but to give them the data and tools they need to run it, instead.

Gain more than just technological solutions when you choose WITMEG

Beyond just our cutting-edge systems, we work with you from A-Z when it comes to getting things up and running and providing you with the long-term support you need.

We don’t just set your platforms up and leave you to figure out the rest, but also customise what we have to offer based on your unique requirements.

As a WITMEG-powered restaurant, you can rest assured that we’re a long-term partner working with you to take your company to new heights.

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