How a bar point of sale software can optimise your operations

Owning a bar is a tough business. 

It often entails long, tiring and stressful hours, extending late into the night and dealing with some rather sloppy customers. 

But it’s a business that can be incredibly rewarding as well, especially if you have the right bar point of sale software to help you optimise your operations to make them efficient and streamlined. 

Modern point of sale software is often referred to as Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) systems and it centralises all your bar operations under one system, allowing you to manage everything with ease.

Real-time inventory management

Inventory is one of the biggest hassles in managing a bar. 

It can be easy to mishandle inventory, leading to stockouts, which can greatly impact your customer service and satisfaction, particularly during rush hour. 

With bar point of sale software, you can keep track of your inventory throughout the day. This can be done by linking menu items to your inventory so that you know exactly how much of your stock is reduced for each order of a menu item. 

This can also help reduce shrinkage, which is when your inventory count is lower than expected. Your staff are less likely to steal when they know inventory is being closely monitored (and yes, the biggest cause of shrinkage is your own staff).

You can also add in low stock alerts, so you can reorder new stock whenever inventory gets down to a certain level, ensuring that you will always have enough inventory to serve your customers.

Customer management

While you might have rush hours that help you turn a large profit for your bar, your regular customers are the ones that help to sustain your business.

A bar point of sale software can help you manage your customer relationships in a number of ways to enable you to build up a good number of loyal customers and regulars. 

For starters, you can create unique customer profiles under which you can note down any personal preferences they may have regarding how they want their drinks made.

Their customer profile can include a method of contacting them as well, often a phone number or an email address. This helps you send out marketing material encouraging them to visit your business again. 

You can even offer specialised discounts or personalised promotions based on their order history to entice them further. 

In addition, using menu management features on your bar EPOS system, you can quickly create new discounts and promotions on the menu, allowing you to keep adapting to these customer preferences or popular trends.

Payment flexibility

With a bar EPOS system, you can easily keep track of all customer orders under tabs. With ‘pay later’ features, your customers can keep ordering drinks until they want to cash out. 

You even have the flexibility to easily split the bill, which can be done even with any number of people, or even per item. 

These systems will even be able to handle all the popular payment methods so that you never have to turn away any customers.

Enhanced data collection

With the order and customer data on the system, you can create detailed reports on sales, promotions, discounts and payments. 

Most of these systems offer analytics features that can help you to identify things like the best-selling product lines and the best-performing promotions, which can help to enhance your sales. 

As you can select a date range for your data, it allows you to identify specific trends on specific days or even hours and use this data to plan for peak periods of sales. 

Overall, with more data available, you can make better, more informed decisions regarding your business.

Choose a bar point of sale software today!

A bar point of sale software has the potential to revolutionise your business, making your operations incredibly efficient and letting you run your business very smoothly. 

Optimising your business with an EPOS system for bars can not only help you with day-to-day operations but also when looking to grow and expand your operations in the future. 
So ensure you find the best EPOS system that meets all your needs to easily scale as you go forward.