What is the best EPOS system for a food truck? Here are the features you should look for

Food trucks are gaining a lot of popularity in recent times for many reasons. 

They offer a low start-up cost and the ability to service multiple locations, and they often attract more customers. 

Investing in an EPOS system for a food truck can ensure that you’re able to serve all your customers efficiently while making your own business a lot more organised so that you’ll be able to scale with ease. 

But what is the best EPOS system for a food truck? 

Well, it will have to be one that can work in zones with splotchy internet connections with hardware that can withstand the road, while also being able to serve many customers as fast as possible.

Here are the key features to look for.

Stress-free cloud-based system

With a standard point-of-sale system, all order data is processed and stored locally, which means that if your system is to malfunction or your device breaks, all your data would be lost. 

This is often why EPOS systems nowadays operate over the internet, keeping data stored online so that it can be accessed whenever and from wherever. 

In case of a problem with the Wi-Fi, which is a common issue most food trucks encounter, either due to the location or unreliable connectivity, you won’t be able to access the system and would be forced to revert to issuing pen and paper invoices, which is a hassle for all parties concerned. 

This is where cloud-based EPOS systems come into play, as they do not run solely on the internet. Rather, any information entered into the EPOS system goes into a local network or “cloud”. 

This gives you the offline capabilities of a regular POS system, while also having the data security benefits of an online system.

You’ll only need an internet connection to access sales records or old customer data, but for operations like order taking, everything can be done offline. 

So what is the best EPOS system for a food truck? One that’s cloud-based. 

Easy setup

When you’re on the road, it can be easy for devices to accidentally break or malfunction. 

If you have an EPOS system that has a long and tedious setup procedure that requires the help of a customer service agent, it’s likely not the best EPOS system for your requirements. 

Rather, you’ll need an EPOS system that can easily be set up on new devices on the go.

This way, if one device breaks, you’ll quickly be able to access your system from a different device. 

The best EPOS systems will allow for an easy setup on a multitude of devices from your laptop, your tab, or even your phone.

Advanced till management

In a food truck, you never know when your next rush might be. 

With every new location being a new opportunity for you to sell out, you’ll want to have an EPOS system that can keep up with the demand as fast as you’re able to roll out orders. 

So what is the best EPOS system for a food truck? One that is easy to use and easy to customise. 

With an EPOS system that is intuitively designed, you’ll be able to take orders more efficiently, offering fewer mistakes, quicker order times, and thereby, happier customers. 

Most food trucks have a very adaptable menu—they change what they serve to adapt to the location. This may involve adding certain toppings that locals might enjoy or offering different combinations of foods. 

Your EPOS system should be able to handle quick menu edits on the go so that you can serve customers no matter what’s ordered, while also offering features like add-ons or toppings. 

With advanced till management, you can ensure that your customers are satisfied and track as well as price what you’re serving accurately. 

What is the best EPOS system for a food truck? One that is adaptable and reliable 

So if you’re still wondering: “What is the best EPOS system for a food truck?”, remember that it should have the above-mentioned qualities along with adaptability and reliability across any changing conditions. 

An EPOS system has a host of other benefits as well, from allowing for inventory management and managing your staff to providing you with analytics and reporting features. 
So while certain features are essential for food trucks, don’t forget to check out what else the top EPOS systems in the UK can offer you.