What the best POS system for quick-service restaurants should entail

Businesses are becoming more and more dependent on restaurant POS systems as technology and customer experiences advance. 

Orders are processed, payments are taken, and inventory is checked by a restaurant POS effortlessly as integration becomes more essential in a highly competitive industry like food service.

The majority of contemporary point-of-sale (POS) systems are now known as electronic point-of-sale (EPOS) systems and contain sophisticated functions that go well beyond managing transactions.

A good POS system should offer several functions and automate the majority of your transactions. 

Here are some functions you should look into when trying to find the best POS system for quick-service restaurants. 

Includes add-ons, toppings, and combos

For quick-service restaurants, there’s a lot of emphasis on the menu and various aspects of pricing when it comes to things like add-ons, toppings, and combo meals. 

A good EPOS system would be able to service all these menu modifiers easily, providing your staff with an easy way to customise orders. 

Having these capabilities in your system can ensure that you can adequately price them, ensuring that you’re making money even on the small items you serve. 

This also ensures that the back-of-house staff know exactly what the order includes without a cashier having to communicate to them a particular add-on that’s not formally available on the menu. 

This even includes providing combo meals. This is where you combine some existing menu items and offer them as one meal at a discounted rate. 

This is very popular at quick-service restaurants and having this option available on your menu can help offer these discounted rates quickly to customers instead of manually adding a discount to each item in the combo. 

Maintains inventory

An operation’s success is contingent on achieving the fine balance between having the right materials on hand and consumer demand. 

Running out of your most popular meal on a crowded Saturday night is the last thing you want. On the flip side, overstocking an option that very few customers want is a waste of money for your business.

The best POS software for quick-service restaurants can significantly reduce those sums by automatically updating inventory levels. 

This way, you can maintain tabs on what you’re running out of and what the public isn’t buying. 

This is an essential feature during rush hours, as the best POS system for quick-service restaurants can alert you when you’re running low on specific items, prompting you to reorder them. 

Enhances communication in the kitchen

In any quick-service restaurant, POS systems are essential for effective communication and order accuracy. 

A POS system should be able to transmit orders to the kitchen from any front-of-house device. 

This ensures efficiency as your front-of-house staff don’t have to go back and forth to communicate, while also ensuring that all orders are made as accurately as possible, leaving no room for miscommunication. 

This guarantees that customers receive their food promptly and precisely as desired. 

Analyses sales figures

One of the biggest issues for the quick-service industry has always been predicting which items will be popular and which items won’t do as well.

POS software can generate sales figures and assist managers in monitoring the efficiency of specific businesses across various locations. 

Such reporting helps identify the products that are selling quickly and decide on the items the business should focus on as their main sources of income. From projecting demand to making revenue, this information is essential.

This is why when you’re considering what the best POS system for quick-service restaurants is, you should ensure that it has all the right reporting capabilities.

Reporting options can include total sales, sales for a particular period, sales per category, sales per item, and sales per server. 

The best POS system for quick-service restaurants is one that allows the most automation.

The less manual work required the quicker and cheaper the running of your business will be. With these tips, you can find the best POS system for quick-service restaurants. 
Just ensure that you know how to use an EPOS system effectively, as while it may allow all the above functions, it’s not worth much unless you’re able to make it work for you.